We have all seen a good design die in vain. Equally we’ve all seen really bad design get more attention than it deserves. If you really want to make a change – and we all do, don’t we? –  we need to recognise that marketing does not work any more and design or design thinking is not enough on it’s own.

What is needed is to develop design and communication as one. And the only way to do that is to start out right – with a big idea, working together, across disciplines, beyond personal gains or spreadsheet thinking.

That’s why we formed SKEWED, a creative collective, exploring and exploiting the possibilities of design driven by curiosity paired up with fearless, open and collaborative communication – we share what we do and we do what we share.


We are not an agency nor are we a network. We are a collective of thinkers, believers but most of all doers, that can make anything happen. Be that advanced range strategies, product design or the design of the perfect launch.

Our one demand is that you have an ambition to change things for the better and that you want to explore the skewed way of working – developing design and communication together.


Our very own editorial platform about what really is important, right now. Curated by real creatives from the most exciting parts of the world (and we don’t mean Milan, Paris or New York).


Spatial and interior design of exhibitions, events, retail and cultural hubs. We are experts on what makes the Home a Home, no matter where.


A no nonsense product brand designed in close collaboration with some of the most exciting creatives of today and tomorrow.


OP. PJADAD / Design Indaba / IKEA of Sweden / IKEA Food / INGKA – IKEA retail / Emerzon / Volvo Cars / City of Helsingborg

Our studios

skewed storefront


Kullagatan 3
252 20 Helsingborg

The first studio of SKEWED in the south of Sweden. Helsingborg is where it all began. A studio here is a strategic hub. Able to put problems into perspective and synthesise thought. It’s also where our Factory Shop is. Making things is of course hugely important to the SKEWED DNA. 

Skewed London

70 Clerkenwell Road
London, United Kingdom

A new addition to the SKEWED family. London consistently outputs incredible culture. Something about the mix of people here makes for fertile ground creatively. Be that in fashion, music, art or design. This studio is the base for SKEWED’s editorial operations and helps connect us to exciting goings on in the global creative scene.

Skewed Stockholm

Blekingegatan 16 Bv
118 56 Stockholm

SKEWED graphical operations unit. Stockholm is of course the most well known Swedish city internationally. It is from our Stockholm studio that we formulate brand identities and come up with the visuals. Be they books, movies, stills, graphics, websites… you get the picture.

Skewed Gothenburg

Viktor Rydbergsgatan 46
412 57 Göteborg

SKEWED’s self-proclaimed skunkworks is found in Gothenburg, the industrial capital of Sweden.  The office is squeezed in between the Chalmers University of Technology and the city’s high streets. Located in an old tanning salon the studio focuses on bridging the gap between industrial and architectural design.

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