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Snow peak - Titanium Dining Set

Snow peak - Titanium Dining Set

snow peak

Snow peak – Titanium Dining Set




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This bundle is perfect for outdoor dining. The products are made of titanium, which makes it super convenient and easy to bring along on your trips. This trio contains, "The Titanium single cup 450 Blue", "The Titanium spork", and "The Trek titanium plate"


Titanium single Cup 450 Folding Handle Blue :

Material: Titanium
Weight: 70 g
Dimensions: D: 85 H: 92 mm
Capacity : 450ml
Made In: Japan

Titanium Spork :

Material: Titanium
Weight: 16g
Dimensions: 4cm x 16.5cm
Made In: Japan

Trek Titanium Plate :

Material : Titanium
Weight: 62.5 g
Made In: Japan
Dimensions : 19cm x 19cm x 2,5cm


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