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Pack & Carry Fireplace Grill Bridge (M)

Pack & Carry Fireplace Grill Bridge (M)

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Pack & Carry Fireplace Grill Bridge (M)


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Designed in Japan, the Fireplace Grill Bridge (M) is an essential addition for the Pack & Carry Fireplace. Use the Grill Bridge to turn the fireplace into a cooktop, whether in the backyard or campsite. The Grill Bridge features adjustable height notches and integrates with a variety of Snow Peak grills and griddles. The Grill Bridge folds down flat for easy storage and nests well with the Fireplace Grill. Pair the Fireplace Grill Bridge (M) with the Pack & Carry (M) Fireplace or the Fireplace Grill (M).


Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 1.1 kg
Dimensions: L 385 W 349 H 130 mm
Size Stowed: L 385 W 349 H 27 mm
Made In: Korea
Snow Peak item number: ST-033GBR


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