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Sindroms issue white

Issue #3: White Sindrom

Sindroms issue white


Issue #3: White Sindrom



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Each issue of Sindroms magazine takes its thematic from a colour. For their third issue - White Sindrom - they explore the concept of the 'blank canvas'. The empty canvas on easel is the metaphor that kicks off each and every story in this issue.

For them a blank canvas doesn't simply sit in a painter's atelier. It represents 'the possibilities of nothingness reaching beyond'. Emptiness. Negative space. Minimalism.


As ever Sindroms present an exciting list of creatives across multiple industries. These include writer Agnese Kleina (Benji Knewman), illustrator Maria Sainte, poet Phoebe Wang, photographer and set designer duo Paris se quema, architect Andrew Trotter, stylist Denis Bjerregaard, graphic designer Luke Hayman, and many more. They take on topics such as the creative block, old age, the stigma of creativity, the work-life balance, wiping the slate clean, emotional minimalism, among many others - through conceptual, carefully curated editorials, thought pieces and visual essays.

Last images credits: Julie Bjarnhoff, Thomas Wiuf Schwartz


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