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Issue #2: Yellow Sindrom

Issue #2: Yellow Sindrom


Issue #2: Yellow Sindrom


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Each issue of Sindroms magazine takes its thematic from a different colours. The second issue, Yellow Sindrom, delves into design, lifestyle and culture through the lens of ‘yellow’ feelings, such as happiness, optimism, friendship, anxiety and jealousy.

'Yellow' is explored through pressures of putting on a happy face, inappropriate jokes, emojis, junk food, blonde hair. This results in what Sindroms call an 'emotional rollercoaster' of an issue.


Featured in this issue are emerging artists such as Wang & Söderström, Zsofia Kollar and Le Morandine, alongside the work of many other extremely talented photographers, artists, and writers, in order to bring you a yellow emotional rollercoaster that unfolds within 182 colourful pages.


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