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Artist #1 Skinny Gonzales

Artist #1 Skinny Gonzales

SKEWED x Sweden Walls

Artist #1 Skinny Gonzales



Sweden Walls is all about bringing people together through arts and culture. The streets belong to the people living and working there, and art on walls and in public space is there to be enjoyed by everyone. Sweden Walls collaborates with individuals that value culture and art to make this a part of daily life.

In this collaborative series, SKEWED and Sweden Walls, aim to merge culture, art and fashion. We have invited four artists from the urban arts scene to unleash their creativity on daily wear giving individuals an opportunity to move art from walls to daily life.

Artist #1 Skinny Gonzales @gflaco_ for SKEWED x Sweden Walls.


Made with 100% organic cotton and printed locally in Helsingborg.


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